Monthly Archives: March 2020

How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Our mission at Luxy Hair is to help women look and feel their best. That means providing everyone with the resources they need to achieve their best, healthiest hair ever. Whether it’s finding the perfect set of hair extensions or learning how to care for your tresses, we are here to share everything you need to […]

How to Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a highly unfortunate, yet surprisingly common hair struggle that many girls face. Almost everyone has experienced that moment where you catch a glimpse of yourself in a storefront window only to be stared back at by what can only be described as a lions mane. Whether it’s the humidity or heat damage, or even […]

Wedding Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

For many brides, finding the right hairstyle is right up there with finding the right dress and the perfect makeup look, and we completely understand why. Most brides dream of their wedding day their whole lives! With pictures and video ensuring your memories from your special night live on forever, we’re here to help you make sure your […]

Healthy foods to revive damaged hair

The first step in knowing how to fix damaged hair is knowing the root of the damage. From coloring, to split ends, UV damage to over styling, damaged hair is caused by both our own actions and external environmental factors. Damaged hair repair also comes in a variety of treatments and products, but before adding […]