Monthly Archives: May 2020

10 habits for highly successful hair

It’s usually quite easy to spot a successful woman. Her attire is perfectly pressed, nails masterfully manicured, and makeup expertly applied. She oozes self-confidence, walking with her head held high. And, upon that head, rests a mane of healthy, shiny hair. Yes, this is a woman who takes the time to care for herself from […]

Why ultra long ponytails are our ultra obsession

It seems that everyone in Hollywood is taking style cues from Rapunzel right now. From floor-grazing braids to dramatic ponytails, mile-long hair is all the rage. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Beyoncé has been spotted rocking the ultra-long pony recently, a glamorous and versatile look we are definitely here for. While the long ponytail trend […]

10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

Our hair has seen us through our best days, and our worst. From when we first learned how to straighten it, curl it (and then curl it with a straightener), crimp it, braid it…this list goes go on and on. Through the years, the heat-damage has almost always outweighed the TLC we attempted to give our […]

10 to-dos you can finally get around to

At first, being forced to stay home can feel like a welcomed sentence. After all, binging the hottest Netflix titles in your pyjamas all day isn’t exactly a hardship. But after a while, even that can become tedious as you start looking for other ways to pass the time. Here are a few things that you […]

How to cut your hair at home

It’s when you can’t go out to get your haircut that you really begin to appreciate your hairstylist. Let’s be honest—even once we are able to leave our homes after quarantine is over, chances are that it will be pretty difficult to get a coveted appointment at hair or nail salons.  The good news is that, just […]

Dandruff: What It Is & How To Get Rid Of It

Have you ever googled ‘how to get rid of dandruff’ while simultaneously panic-dialing your mom for dandruff-banishing  home remedies? Yup, same. Trust us, we’re all in the same boat; one that is on the lookout for a solution that clears out every possibility of an irritable scalp with dandruff and replaces it with a healthy, […]

How to glow on Facetime

Staying home is the new Saturday night, brunch with the girls, 9 to 5—it is our new norm, for now. With stay at home orders across the country, we are connecting online now more than ever. FaceTime, Zoom, House Party, and Google Hangouts video conferencing is how we are getting work done, catching up with […]