Monthly Archives: July 2020

7 time-saving ways to coconut mask your hair

We’re not unfamiliar with just how much good coconut oil can do for your hair. It reverses the signs of heat damage and reduces breakage by strengthening your hair at the core—now who doesn’t want that? This age-old nourishing ingredient  has never failed to lead us to softer, shinier hair but we’re often hesitant to […]

WIN Hair For Days!

We’re giving away 10 Luxies to 10 lucky winners! All you have to do to be entered is shop the sale. When you order between now and Tuesday, July 20th, you’ll be entered to win a FREE Luxy Hair set of your choice. Hair for days.. because you’re a 10, every day. Work day, holiday, Sunday. […]

30 Brain Boosting Recommendations

Now more than ever we recognize how important it is that we develop our minds as much as we focus on our bodies—feeling good and looking good goes hand in hand, we think. And while we help you keep your hair luxurious and full, we want to help facilitate the same for your mind.  We’re […]

30 Self Growth Challenges

If there is one thing we know about self-growth, it’s that, consistency is your strongest weapon in that journey. It doesn’t happen overnight (although so many of us wish it did!) but is actually small, everyday efforts that help us achieve a life that makes us happy.  And we want to help you get there! If you’re […]

25 Summer Hair Trends for 2020

As we step into the season of sunshine, (socially distant) outdoor brunches, picnics, and more we can’t help but think of all the hairstyles you can sport. Summer hair is all about no-fuss looks, but not without the glam! We’ve listed down 25 of our favorite summer hairstyles that will up the ante on any […]