Monthly Archives: August 2020

New trend alert: face framing highlights

SOS there’s a new hair color trend on the block and it’s making us feel some serious nostalgia for Nokia flip phones and clunky Doc Martens. The trend in question is none other than the 90’s highlight, a hairstyle originally made popular by icons like the Spice Girls and Olsen twins. In contrast to softer […]

What you need to know about the history of braids

Just like in fashion, beauty trends go through cycles of popularity. What’s new to the current generation is old news to its predecessors. Lately, braids have seen a major resurgence in mainstream beauty, mostly from the widely accepted natural hair movement, and reimagined looks on our favorite celebrities and influencers. How do braided hairstyles consistently […]

New buzz ingredient: Pracaxi oil

It’s never a bad idea to add a good hair oil to your routine. Oils are designed to make locks look (and feel) hydrated, regardless of hair type of texture. They can improve volume, shine, and smooth even the most stubborn of frizz into submission. While there may be plenty of oils on your radar […]

10 genius ways to save money on hair care

Shopping for hair care appeals to the senses; the smell, touch, and feel of a product will weigh on your decision to purchase. But when shopping for hair care online, you should appeal to another feeling—money sense—and we have a few saving hacks to help with that. When shopping at your favorite beauty or drugstore […]

25 Black-owned hair product brands to support

The social and racial unrest across America has awakened action in people around the world. As many share their support online and offline plenty of work still needs to be done. Part of this action is supporting black-owned businesses, learning about the brands and their founders and understanding what makes their brands unique. As allies […]