Monthly Archives: July 2021

Why The Wolf Cut Is Trending

Shag haircuts are officially a thing again. Affectionately known as the wolf cut or “shullet,” this nickname combines two components of this trendy style — the shag and (gasp) the mullet. With over 500 million views on Tiktok, #WolfCut is definitely the hottest online hair craze right now.  Yes, the mullet has been resurrected from […]

Hot Girl Summer Hairstyle Guide

Who else is still listening to Meghan Thee Stallion’s summer bop on repeat? Since the phrase Hot Girl Summer has entered the pop culture vernacular, we haven’t been able to get that phrase out of our heads nor the idea of basically living your best life during the summertime. What better time to let loose […]

Best Heatless Hair Tools for Volume

Your blow dryer might be your best friend when it comes to creating salon-worthy hairstyles, but did you know that it can also cause some serious damage? Many of us rely on our heat styling tools in the morning, whether it’s for a volume boost or adding curl. However, heat can dry out the hair […]

How Do I Go From Black to Blonde Hair?

Feeling inspired by Billie Eilish’s new blonde bombshell transformation? — Us too. Going from black to blonde is a major hair change and we are here for it! But as great as it looks in the final outcome, it can be a tough journey to get there. If you’re anything like us, you’ve experimented with […]

The best drugstore curl creams 

Fact: Finding the right curl cream can make all the difference when styling curly or natural hair. Not only do they help to define and style your curls, the right curly hair products will also strengthen, nourish, and moisturize your mane from the inside out.  Unlike gels or mousse, curl creams provide hold without leaving […]